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If you are looking for a crash course of oral hygiene basics, then this blog can help you! Oral hygiene is often dismissed or taken for granted until painful toothaches and cavities cause trouble. That is why keeping your oral hygiene active is vital for taking care of your teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Greg Cook with Appalachian Dental in Alcoa, Tennessee, cares about your oral health and is happy to help you remember the basics of oral hygiene.

Here are some tips to help refresh yourself on the basics of oral hygiene:

Brush your teeth:
It is vital to brush your teeth for at least two minutes a day, two times a day. Brushing your teeth eliminates plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. Plaque creates cavities and leads to gum disease placing your oral health in danger.

Floss daily:
Floss your teeth at least once a day, every single day. Flossing your teeth goes together with brushing and is vital to do because it cleans your teeth in places your toothbrush cannot reach. Floss goes deep between your teeth and along the gumline to clear the plaque that could be threatening your smile.

Visit your dentist:
Visiting your dentist semi-annually is essential to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. Your dentist will be able to look for cavities or gum disease and treat any oral health problems that may occur.

Now that you are refreshed in the basics of oral hygiene, you can set yourself up for a healthy smile! If you are in need of a dental checkup, please call us today at 865-379-7555 and we will be happy to make you an appointment. Our dental team stands ready to help you and will work to keep your smile in top-notch shape.