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As the years go by the white gleam of your tooth enamel can start to dull, which can be linked to the natural aging process as well as other lifestyle factors. Things like occasional tobacco use and frequently consuming dark beverages can significantly contribute to stained teeth.

When you consume coffee, cola or other dark liquids residual traces can become trapped in the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel. If minor dental stains are not removed by your daily oral hygiene routine they can deepen, to leave you with teeth shaded in tones of yellow and gray.

If you have significantly stained teeth, it’s best to set up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Greg Cook. After an essential examination he can help you understand the safest method for whitening your teeth.

The whitening toothpastes and whitening strips sold in stores might be able to remove minor dental stains. Unfortunately, the mild concentration of hydrogen peroxide used as the primary whitening agent, will likely prove ineffective at removing significant dental stains.

Individuals dealing with deeply stains teeth will likely need our dentist to administer a dental bleaching treatment. The process can effectively remove dental stains without harming your tooth enamel or any other oral tissues.

If you live in the Alcoa, Tennessee, area and you are struggling with deeply stained teeth, you should call 865-379-7555 to schedule a whitening consultation at Appalachian Dental.